5 Things You Can Outsource To Free Up Your Time

outsource to save time

The standard answer to the ‘how are you’ question seems to be ‘busy’. I don’t know about you, but since I work my free time has become a little sacred. I want to spend that time doing things that I like, whether that’s spending time with friends, watching a movie, reading a book, or just being lazy.

When I just started working, I was struggling. Weeknights are over before you know it, and the weekends are packed and fully booked two months in advance. So you have to make choices: are you going to binge watch Narcos on Netflix, or are you going to clean the kitchen and change your sheets? Dilemmas, dilemmas.

One of the best decisions I’ve made in this space was to get cleaning help. Everyone has his or her own personal preferences, so I’ve listed a couple of things you could think about to outsource that would free up your precious time outside of work and will make your life a little bit easier.

Get someone to help to clean your house

Hate cleaning? So do I! I have found a lovely lady, she comes every other week for three hours in which she thoroughly does the ‘big cleanings’ like the kitchen and the bathroom.

Have your groceries delivered

Doing groceries can be a struggle. If you go after work, it’s usually very busy and if you’re very hungry, chances are you come home with all the wrong things. I love that you can get your groceries delivered. It will require a bit of planning to take stock of what you need, but everything will be carried into your house all the way to your fridge.

Get a weekly meal box

Thinking of something different to eat every day, preferably healthy, is not always easy. Cooking is for me a way to relax after work, but I know many people who just don’t feel like cooking up a meal when they get back from the office. To avoid ordering take out too many times, you could make use of meal boxes. The recipes are quick and healthy, they deliver at convenient times (say, Sunday afternoons) and all the ingredients you need are in the box. Okay, it’s a bit more expensive than buying everything yourself, but if this is what you need to improve your eating habits I think it’s a good solution.

save time by outsourcing

And then you have the bigger ‘musts’ that you don’t need to do every day or week, but that are still worth considering to get some help with.

Get help when you’re moving house

Moving is always a bit of a stressful occasion. Are you going to burden friends and family and ask them to help, or are you going to try to do it yourself as much as you can? I’ve now moved five times in my life (and I always felt guilty to have to rely on others. The move to my last student room was so painful that I decided to never do that again. So when I moved the last two times, I got some help. I packed everything myself, but two strong men carried everything down the stairs – including the washing machine. Easy peasy! Just let them do their thing. Stress-free move guaranteed.

Hire someone to do maintenance tasks around the house

Unless you’re handy yourself or you know someone who’s good at handling a drill and plumb rule, it might be a good idea to ask someone else to do those maintenance tasks, or hanging a mirror. I am not very handy myself, neither are my family and boyfriend. Hanging a lamp, drilling holes or even putting IKEA furniture together usually comes with a fair amount of stress, fights and tears. I have gotten better, but for the big tasks I still look for someone to help me out.

I am fully aware that all of the suggested options are not for free, but sometimes the money you would pay to outsource outweighs spending the time on it yourself. Of course this is different for everyone.

Are you outsourcing something, or do you do everything yourself?

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