My July Favorites

I’m starting a blog series where I look back and share my favorites of each month. My favorite book, tv show/movie, meal, day and app or gadget. So today I’m sharing my favorites of July with you!

July was a lovely month and it will be hard to pick a favorite day because we’ve had amazing summer weather here in the Netherlands, which doesn’t happen very often. Good weather just makes life so much nicer. It’s easier to get up early in the morning, bike rides to the office become enjoyable instead of just a means of transportation and motivating myself to work out after work has been a breeze.

Favorite book

My reading was a bit slow this month and I’ve only finished one book: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn. I LOVED this book. I like psychological thrillers in general, but this one was well-written, fact-paced and I just couldn’t put it dow

n. It’s a bit similar to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train (which I also really liked), but that didn’t bother me. If you like those types of books and you haven’t read this one yet, you should definitely try it.

Favorite tv show/movie

I’ve become addicted to Modern Family again this month. My gosh, this show is so funny it has me laughing out loud all the time. It’s exactly the type of humor that I like and it doesn’t feel forced like other ‘funny’ shows, which turns me off. I’ve seen almost every episode but never in the right order so me and my boyfriend decided to start at season 1, episode 1. We watch a couple of episodes every night after dinner. I also love that the episodes are only 20 minutes each which makes it easier to watch one (or two, or three, or four…).

Favorite meal

There’s a new place in town that has the best avocado/poached egg/salmon sandwich. Their Philly steak sandwiches are also amazing And their pancakes. When it just opened I went there on Saturday and Sunday to try as much as I could. Definitely a new favorite where I will go many more times.

Favorite day

This one is hard. Because of the great weather I’ve had so many good days! During the week my days are pretty boring but the weekends completely make up for that. If I have to choose between barbecues with the family, days out with friends or my favorite festival, I pick the festival. Every year, I go to a big jazz event, which has become a family tradition. This year, I went with family on Friday and with my boyfriend on Saturday. We saw so many great musicians – the picture is from Robert Finley – I had no clue who he was but his show was absolutely amazing.

Favorite app

During the beginning of this month I had trouble at work to motivate myself and get things done. That’s when I started to use Tide again every day. It’s an app that uses the Pomodoro technique that helps to keep you focused. Read more about it here in this blog post I wrote about my favorite productivity apps. Normally I only use it for big pieces of work, but now it also really helped me to stay focused throughout the day for smaller tasks.

This month I tried to enjoy every sunny day because as I said – we don’t often get more than three sunny days in a row here in the Netherlands. Because I’m not going on vacation until September, it’s been nice to get some vitamin D at home too. And living close to the beach makes it even better!

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